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Team Biographies

Ashley: Ashley is a dedicated and detail oriented account manager that focuses intently on every customer detail. She  finds mistakes unacceptable and is thrilled when everything is perfect.. And she has a very unique hobby. She breeds reptiles, as a matter of fact. Yes, she takes care of animals that many people fear, but she loves what she does, and that is all that matters. Ironically, she is terrified of spiders and jumps at the sight of even the smallest little arachnoid. When she’s not taking care of her numerous pets (or avoiding spiders), she’s taking classes at the college, hiking or playing poker—but no online games for this girl, she only plays the real thing.

Darren: Darren manages our tech support, from servers and broadband cards to call centers and on-site staff.  He may just be the best-dressed male in the office, hailing from his Penn State heritage. Those stylish button-down shirts are just so nice. When he isn’t in the office showing off his suave style, you might find him cheering on his son, Heath, at a BMX race. When he’s in Las Vegas for trade shows, he likes to go check out the BMX course they have there, or eat dinner at the famous (and delicious) Battista’s Hole in the Wall restaurant that serves up a hearty Italian meal. Darren is also a fan of scrumptious dessert crepes. The most fun Darren ever had in New Orleans was not during Mardi Gras, but when he helped clear lots after Katrina as a part of the HCEA tradeshow.

Felicia: Felicia bleeds NewLeads red and black. Count on her to get an emergency order out on a Saturday afternoon or work late on Friday night when you give her a last-minute order. Even with the stress, she’s a lively and joyful soul. Her laugh can be heard around the office and she enjoys cracking jokes. She likes to sport a new hairdo every few months, from braids to bobs. Playing ball with her adorable corgi-chihuahua dog, Gracie, is one of her favorite pastimes. Her other outdoor adventures include hiking and biking. She has also recently joined a Pilates and yoga class, and she’s feelin’ the burn. Famous for her spicy artichoke dip, Felicia becomes a local celebrity when she arrives at dinner parties or potlucks. Give me a pita chip and I’m there!

James: James likes to keep himself occupied with a variety of activities, from running to hiking, to playing cards. He likes to live life spontaneously. Maybe it’s because he’s a ginger. Interestingly, James has a fear of clothes hangers (sorry, there’s no cool medical term), and absolutely abhors them. He hates waking up in the morning with hangers on the bed because they seem to attack him—he has the battle scars (scratches) to prove it. When it comes to food, James is a big fan of noodles. He loves making Ramen and pasta with alfredo sauce is his favorite. Even though James does not have any pets of his own, he basically adopted his sister-in-law’s dog, and often takes him to the beach.

John: John founded NewLeads with a vision to empower exhibitors with a customized but standard leads system that provided great data and better results! This is his fourth boot-strap start-up; he’s the entrepreneur behind NewLeads.  He’s usually one of the first people to find humor in just about anything and he likes his morning coffee—well, more like loves his coffee. He even has his own variation for his daily cup(s) of joe: an extra strong espresso shot, latte this and chocciato that; all done with the commercial grade espresso machine that he acquired for the office. Outside of work, John works out nearly every morning in preparation for a weekly ritual of mountain biking (and falling) with friends. He can be found working on landscaping projects around the house, spending time with his family, volunteering at church, studying German, and cooking up some oh so delicious variation of chili or a scrumptious omelet in the morning. Technology, invention and innovation are his passions at work, all of which are ignored once he’s home with his family.

Karl: Karl runs sales and operations and oversees key national accounts. He grew up in Germany, and because of his accent, he occasionally finds himself as the brunt of playful jokes. At least he knows that his country has the better food. His favorites are dishes with spätzle (delicious “pasta” noodles that taste like dumplings), venison, and German cheesecake, which is apparently much lighter and tastier than the American version because it is made with curd. Is your mouth watering yet? Karl definitely misses good German food in general, but who can blame him? He loves spending time with his family, playing soccer, and he even participates in pick-up games with friends twice per week. He is very involved in his church, and he helped start the men’s ministry from his own home when it was still in its early stages.

Kurt: Kurt is director of programming and IT and has been the author of NewLeads software products from the beginning.  He has been with the company since it began in 1996. When he’s not creating some really cool iPad app for the leads system or inventing some new technology (no big deal), he enjoys cycling around town and hanging out with his daughters. Kurt also likes to cook, with chicken tortilla soup being his favorite thing to create. Interestingly, he loves seafood, but cannot stand sushi! He also has a cat and dog, but he may not be their biggest fan.

Laura: Laura manages our marketing programs and assists in many other areas, from travel to account management. With an MBA and a stock brokerage history, she has a colorful background.  It includes English riding competitions when she was a teen, living in Germany for three years when she served in the military and much more. Nowadays, she likes having a good laugh with her best friend, who she has known since the 6th grade (wow!), and she often helps her friend with her horses, as Laura has an extensive background with them. Laura absolutely loves comedy. In fact, she does an excellent impression of MTV personality, Miss Swan that will make you buckle with laughter. Tending to her rose garden and preparing dishes such as her famous pasta salad, with artichoke hearts of course, are some of her hobbies.

Vicki: Vicki runs our accounting department like a fine Swiss watch: with precision and always on-time. Like her daughter, Ashley, she also has bred reptiles. She rescued her beloved pit bull, Jewel, when she was just a puppy. Vicki calls Jewel her “cow-dog” because of her black and white pattern that makes her look like she should be mooing rather than barking. An avid motorcycle rider, Vicki loves taking her Harley out on back country roads where she can enjoy the landscape and serenity of the open road. Vicki also likes to ride her quad at Pismo beach and on off roads. Her favorite food to make is a special dish called “restaurant reservation”—she isn’t a fan of cooking. You might find her at Sea Fresh eating her favorite food—you guessed it, sushi.