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Taking Leads on Demo Workstations

Increase ROI With Our Demo Station Leads System

taking trade show leads on demo workstations

Easily Switch from your demo to your custom lead form at any time.

Put our leads system at the fingertips of your demo team and increase your close rate with better qualified leads.

Traditional lead systems hinder optimal results. Paper forms are slow and often illegible. Lead retrieval rentals lack CRM integration, customization and the standardization you need, show after show.

Get the only system that is integrated with your demo workstations and your CRM.

Plug in the NewLeads in-booth cloud server to your workstation network and bring lead qualification to every demo. Your company will record better follow-up information, increasing your sales-ready leads by more than 300%.

  • Get in-depth lead qualification From each demo without using any installed software.
  • Just choose Internet Explorer or Chrome and each demo station has access to its very own lead qualification page.
  • Verify badge information, take notes and check off valuable questions, like product interest, demo station visited and follow-up requests.
  • Each station can have its own unique questions or it can be common for the entire booth.
  • Mix with iPads for those demo areas where no workstation exists.
  • Increase lead quality with detailed leads with information you can read from each demo station. Eliminate paper lead forms.
  • See lead gathering data anytime on our real-time dashboard report. ¬†Access from any browser!

Call us today to learn how you can triple your sales ready leads with the NewLeads in-booth cloud on demo workstations!