Health Care Exhibitors

Comply with regulations and increase your interactions with HCP’s.

Exhibiting in the health care industry has a unique set of problems, from Sunshine Act compliance to collecting the right address information from a physician.

NewLeads has unique iPad lead detailing solutions for health care exhibitors addressing these issues, including matching NPI numbers with attendee badges, instant matching of hospital affiliations, rules-based controls for booth giveaways and reporting of items given away. Using a collection of data bases and our geomatch technology, NewLeads is able to identify correct addresses for physicians and other HCP’s even if they work in a neighboring state but are carrying an attendee badge containing their home address.

With the NewLeads unique iPad user interface, your reps can show any piece of collateral to an attendee, including video, white papers, pdf’s and images, and NewLeads will keep track of everything viewed for a complete understanding of what was communicated to the HCP.


  • Doctor’s business address matched with attendee badge
  • Rules-based warning system prevents accidental illegal gifts; add NPI’s
  • Attendee matched with your own database
  • Rich media and all collateral viewing built-in to leads system
  • Real-time dashboard reports on booth activities
  • Booth analytics show attendee interests and collateral viewing details