Distributing Trade Show Leads to Sales Reps

Electronic Trade Show Leads Distribution Service with eLPS

You’ve just finished an important show and, by all accounts, you had lots of great sales lead activity in your booth. Now, how quickly can you get the leads into the hands of your sales team before the leads get cold or your prospects get engaged by your competitors? If you need 24-hour turnaround consistently after every show, NewLeads can help–especially if you have a dealer and independent arm of your sales team.

Our service includes separating leads by your defined territories, application of user-defined ratings and distribution rules, emailing leads to distributors, sales offices, sales people and their managers and emailing thank you letters to attendees with URLs pointing to product information and summary report generation.

Key Benefits of eLPS

  • Delivers leads to your sales force or distributors within 24 hours.
  • Prepares key reports for sales and trade show management.
  • Works with or without a unified CRM.
  • Beats your competition to the prospect.
  • Gets control of the leads without waiting for cumbersome back-end processes.