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Capture Leads in Any Language on iPads or Demo Workstations


Communicate with non-English speakers and create a market advantage for your company.

Visitors to your booth who can’t easily speak English now have a way to see your information request form in their own language and you still get data in English. With the NewLeads Language Flip, you can switch your sales and literature survey on our iPad system or your demo stations to any language instantly, creating a communication bridge that instills trust and opens doors.

Language Flip is perfect for US shows with international visitors or shows in any non-English-speaking country. Languages include Chinese, Korean, Russian, Arabic, German, French, Spanish–actually ANY language you choose.

Features include:

  • Your specific language nuances for your sales questions
  • As many languages on-board as you need
  • Sales lead data captured in foreign language and English
  • Easy to update any language or make subset for dialects of languages
  • International visitors will spend time where they are welcomed in their language

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