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Match Trade Show Badge Scans to Your CRM Customer List

As much as 40% of visitors to your tradeshow booth are existing customers; wouldn’t you like to know that right away and be better able to manage customer relationships when they arrive? Instantly match booth attendees to your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) database of existing clients and prospects with our business intelligence feature. The NewLeads system compares badge scans with your data to provide a list of possible matches along with key data from each record, such as last purchase, sales rep name, purchases to date–whichever you choose to display. For health care exhibitors, NPI numbers and/or hospital primary affiliation are also displayed.

Matched addresses are tagged so that your CRM import process can identify which ones are already in your system, eliminating days of post-show processing and errors. Customer Match BI works with salesforce.com, SAP, Oracle, Siebel and any database you provide.

The programs enaables you to better:

Scan badges and find customer matches instantly.

Upload your additional data points: sales rep name, db ID, last sale, customer type, etc.

Auto-tags matches to avoid duplicates when importing into your CRM.

Know your customers when they arrive at the booth.

Stop missing important prospects and clients.


Need training in managing customer relationships at shows or need to learn how to match the data with your CRM database?  Check our our training and seminar options here.