Trade Show iPads

Trade show iPad lead retrieval integrated with collateral viewing, instant emails, e-lit fulfillment and a real-time dashboard


Finally LeadPad is here, with the tools and control you have been asking for and one that your reps will eagerly embrace: iPad lead detailing integrated with instant e-lit fulfillment and a real time dashboard with all the stats of your booth activity.

Imagine a booth where every one of your reps is equipped for qualifying trade show leads using iPads. Each LeadPad system has easy access to all of your collateral, integrated with the world class NewLeads trade show lead detailing software. Select literature to send instant emails with collateral links. All of this plus a real-time dashboard of trade show booth analytics gives you complete control.  See a snapshot of your booth activity, including sales rep lead counts, leads per hour and ongoing results of your key sales survey questions. Understand attendee collateral viewing behavior and sales rep presentation patterns and make adjustments on the fly.

It’s the next generation of exhibitor-attendee engagement technology, using NewLeads cloud-servers, never-fail trade show rugged wireless network, and wireless independent scanners. A real-time dashboard gives you instant insight into the quantity and quality of your leads as well as the performance of your booth staff and the collateral viewing habits of your attendees.

Combining our solid architecture that has been used at more than 30,000 trade shows with state-of-the-art cloud servers, NewLeads offers an iPad solution that does not require scanners for every iPad but allows all of your staff access to share and interchange scanners.  The result?  All scanned attendees appear on all iPads instantly, allowing longer interactions and deeper conversations which result in triple the number of sales-ready leads. We guarantee our telco-grade wireless system to work at every show; it does not rely on flaky internet access, giving you a dependable leads and collateral system for every show worldwide.

But what’s so great about using iPads and why will our system bring you more sales ready leads?  Because each iPad is an information kiosk of collateral combined with lead detailing, and every rep in your booth will have one in their hands.

Ready for a demo? If you have one of the largest exhibits in you biggest shows, you can't afford to not have the best tools to bring the best results.  Sign up and bring your marketing director to see this ground-breaking re-invention of "lead retrieval". Say goodbye to the bitter past and get better results today!

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