Aligning Trade Show Leads With Your CRM

Speed up lead distribution by aligning your trade show leads with your CRM









What happens when the leads you gather at trade shows are not ready for your company’s sales and marketing database?  Do you coordinate with your CRM administrator to make sure the front end (trade show lead collection) is aligned with the back end (your CRM)?

Leads that are not aligned are not CRM-ready, causing processing delays, creation of duplicate records and loss of data that has been collected but has no corresponding field in your CRM.

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NewLeads data experts will carefully align your lead detailing with your CRM and lead-nurturing systems by designing the survey questions from existing CRM field names and data values. If you are using Siebel or salesforce.com, you need to design your trade show leads process to match the requirements of your CRM. This prevents delays and allows your sales and marketing teams to respond immediately after your trade shows and events. Using your CRM data, the NewLeads iPad solution can be configured to match attendee badge scans with your customer/prospect so that they are instantly identified at the trade show and tagged with your CRM account numbers. NewLeads configures exports to match the exact value and field requirements of SAP, Salesforce, Siebel, Oracle, Eloqua, Aprimo and any other CRM. In contrast, cheap trade show rental systems only deliver generic CSV files, leaving you with a data log jam and manual process for CRM importing.

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