Added Engagement Services

More Ways To Engage Your Audience

NewLeads has several options to help you interact and deepen attendee engagement and create an emotional connection to your brand. Add anyone of these services to your on-site service for a cost-effective way to engage your audience on different levels.

Booth Theater Interactive Engagement

Wireless Keypads for Audience Response in Seminars and Large Booth Presentations

TalkBack ARS Logo If you’ve ever had a large group of people leave your presentation without knowing who they were, now there’s an answer. Instead of using paper lead forms for live marketing presentations, use this simple RFID for trade shows. TalkBack employs simple number keypads and a slick version of Powerpoint, so you can ask questions of any audience and allow them to interact. In a booth theater presentation, this might start with a game of trivia questions. After a meaningful presentation, it could end with attendees indicating their interests and follow-up requests. Unlike anonymous audience response systems, TalkBack keypads are tied to the attendee badge and serve as another source of lead gathering. TalkBack leads merge directly into the NewLeads trade show lead management database and can be recalled from any iPad in the booth.

Green Screen Photography for Your Fun Event

Put Your Attendees “On The Cover”

Green Screen Photography is a memorable takeaway for trade shows, conventions, corporate events and public celebrations. Create excitement, fun, and traffic in your booth or at your party with our Green Screen magazine covers and create a lasting bond with your event and brand.

Choose one of our “faux” covers or have one created for your industry.  Add your logo and “contents” to the cover, include the venue city’s background, and add your attendees to the cover. With our tech-friendly greeter (from your staff or ours), you can place your attendee’s image on any magazine cover in under three minutes! Choose photo covers from 4″ x 6″ up to 8″ x 10″ and add your custom branded frame for greater impact.

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