Trade Show Lead Management Best Practices

What Questions Should Be On My Lead Form? 

This three-page white paper helps you to better understand lead management “best practices” in terms of what questions are really needed on your lead form and which ones should be omitted.  Understanding how your in-booth survey is best used by your booth reps and how those same leads are best suited to your reps in the field is critical.  You’ll learn the three questions you must have on your trade show lead detailing form and the six or seven you should avoid as well as understanding the process to building a question set that matches your CRM or marketing automation system.

Trade Show Marketing Dollars: What’s At Stake?

Why would anyone triple or quadruple their “lead retrieval” budget to get a really great lead detailing and collateral demonstration system? Trade show lead management best practices include using CRM aligned systems that synchronize your selling process with your trade show lead capture. This three-page article explores the trade show investment from the view point of sales and lost opportunities and helps you to calculate what it costs your company per hour to exhibit at a trade show.

Increasing Attendee Engagement at Trade Shows

Attracting attendees to your booth is great, but the key to getting sales-ready leads is increasing the time they are engaged with your staff and learning about your products and services. In this four-page white paper, you’ll learn why disengagement happens, how you can prevent it, and the key steps to increasing engagement–all of which results in more sales-ready leads.

Aligning Trade Show Leads With Your CRM 

Collecting leads at trade shows with the right sales questions is critical, but even the best lead form will not deliver results unless the data is matched up to the structure of your CRM. Leads that aren’t “CRM-Ready” create data log jams, slowing the delivery time to reps and negatively impacting your ROI.  Download this four page white paper and you’ll learn the five steps to “CRM-Ready” leads.