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NewLeads Introduces Use of iPads as Trade Show Lead Capture Devices


iPad connectivity allows managers and salespeople worldwide to view leads and reports within 60 seconds of information capture

NewLeads iPads
VENTURA, Calif., Aug. 17 /PRNewswire/ — NewLeads announced today the use of iPads as wireless capture devices for new business leads within trade show exhibits.  The use of iPads allows this newly-captured sales lead information to be wirelessly transmitted to a server.  In turn, the server distributes the leads to a worldwide sales channel while simultaneously updating show reports.  Both the lead information and the reports can then be viewed on any computer or handheld PDA within seconds.

John Hasbrouck, CEO of NewLeads said, “While we use many types of capture devices on the show floor, this is the fastest and most convenient method for our customers, who rent this equipment.”  Almost any trade show badge type can be read, regardless of the acquisition device (handheld scanner, 2D bar code reader, etc.) used with the iPad system.

“The uniqueness of the NewLeads system is that it answers senior management’s question, ‘How is the show going?'” said NewLeads COO Karl Becker.  “Once the salesperson acquires the prospect’s contact information, and taps in 8-10 qualifying answers on the iPad screen (for example addressing prospect need, desire, product interest, budget etc.), he or she closes the lead form and all information is added to the database.   Reports are immediately updated, and the answers are there for all to see.  Within minutes, salespeople worldwide can receive the inquiry, often before the prospect has even left the booth.”

About NewLeads, Inc.

NewLeads is the oldest, most-experienced third-party provider of sales lead acquisition devices for trade shows.  Through software and device sales and rentals to over 500 customers, they have attended more shows and processed more leads than their competitors.

NewLeads offers trade show exhibitors a better solution to acquire and qualify trade show leads, and facilitate the exchange of information into clients’ CRM systems and the active sales cycle.

SOURCE NewLeads, Inc.