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NewLeads FAQ–How does the NewLeads system work?

Tired of renting constantly changing trade show lead retrieval systems and hoping for something you can use at every show?

Here are some frequently asked questions about our iPad/Android tablet and demo station lead retrieval and e-lit fulfillment systems:

  1. Do your systems read or scan all of the badges and QR codes (API’s)? Yes, all bar codes, API’s and ITN bCard NFC badges, both domestic and international. You may choose our hand-held wireless scanners or use the badge scanner/camera built-in to our tablets to scan badges like these:trade-show-iPad-Android-lead-retrieval-capture-bar-codes
  2. If I have more than one business unit, can I have a different survey for each but on the same system? Yes, up to ten unique surveys may be shared on each system.
  3. Do you offer iPads or Androids? We offer full-sized and mini iPads as well as 7” Android tablets. We have a private leads cloud server that can run through your demo stations via an internet browser like Firefox, Chrome or IE and they all share the same interface with access to all leads from any station.
  4. Can I send literature request download links in an instant email to attendees? Yes. NewLeads can host the documents for download or merely point to your website locations for the documents.
  5. When do I get my leads and can I get them in our CRM format? You can get your leads in any CRM (salesforce, SAP, etc.) or Marketing Automation format (Eloqua, Marketo, HubSpot, etc). After lead cleansing and cleanup, you will always get your leads within one business day of the close of the show.
  6. Can I get my leads daily? Yes, but since many attendees visit you more than once and on separate days (and the lead record may be updated with new information or requests), we advise you wait until the show is over and each lead record is “complete”.
  7. Do I need on-site support? For all first-time customers with multiple locations and more than six tablets, you should have support for setup, training and partial or on-call support. For existing clients, some request support and others do not.  It depends on the depth of your requirements, the number of units you deploy and your IT staff’s availability.  Our simplest systems are easy to use and require no on-site support.  We also have 24-7-365 telephone support serving a global clientele.  All systems are setup at NewLeads prior to the show with your custom surveys and requirements; everything is reviewed on-line by you and your team with a working survey on a private web page.
  8. Can I use the same surveys I use at one show for other shows on my schedule? Yes, we can deploy any survey from any show for any future show, saving you the expense of creating new surveys each time.
  9. What about foreign languages, e-lit fulfillment, shows without badges, reading business cards…? Yes we have all of these features and many other questions.