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Is there something better than BANT to qualify show leads?


Give salespeople enough leads and they will complain about quality. The surest path to quality enhancement is getting answers to questions salespeople require to separate immediate, long term buyers or visitors that just want a free t-shirt. I think the answers most sought after are: budget, timeframe to buy, authority to buy, and need (usually thought of as product or product application). Sometimes called BANT.

Trade show leads are thought of by most marketers and salespeople as the most qualified because of the answers to these questions are possible from sophisticated show lead acquisition systems.

Get these questions answered and salespeople will give you a thumbs up on sales lead quality.

What do you think? Are there better questions to ask that will increase the quality level and therefore the satisfaction level of salespeople (short of a purchase order attached to the lead)?  We’re all ears for your feedback and questions. Please let us know by commenting.



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