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Exhibitor and Pittcon Wireless Fails While NewLeads Wireless Stays Up


When you choose to use a wireless solution in your booth, you must be sure it will work–but how?  At both Pittcon and the Exhibitor Show 2012 in Las Vegas (a trade show for the trade show industry), the Mandaly Bay wireless failed repeatedly. However, NewLeads and its eight partners on the show floor had no problems with using our wireless iPad solution because NewLeads supplied the wireless network for each partner. How good was the system? Certainly, it was better than the one offered for free by the trade show organizer. The following email apology was sent by Exhibitor2012 regarding the failure of the show provided wireless network:

(Dear Exhibitor at 2012):

Given the high volume of WiFi signals from the EXHIBITOR2012 show floor, the official MC2 sponsored WiFi signal was frequently facing network interference and deemed ineffective. Although Mandalay Bay made every effort to overcome this technical challenge, they were unable to deliver a consistent, working service.

We thank MC2 for providing this ongoing service. 


Wireless interference at trade shows is only increasing, and the little Exhibitor Show had relatively little wireless traffic compared to shows like RSNA, NAB, CES, and many more. Why does the NewLeads wireless system work? It’s Telco grade, which means it’s not a cheap system that you get at Best Buy or even the best from Cisco; none of these will work at trade shows except for the NewLeads system. This same system is used by our government in national security situations where the network can’t fail and must be impenetrable. In fact, our wireless is more reliable than a hard-wired network. (We didn’t believe the claim either until we started deploying it). Try it at your next show with our iPad solution for guaranteed results. (Sorry, our wireless system is not available as a stand-alone system).