The NewLeads Story

“There’s a way to do it better — find it.”

—Thomas A. Edison


I did not set out in life to invent a better way to manage leads at trade shows and events. In fact, I was perfectly happy as a television journalist running around Latin America covering poverty, wars and politics.  But once I landed in the video publishing business, trade shows became my main destination instead of the jungles of Nicaragua. And the battle I would see there was not with guerrilla fighters but with bad data–trade show leads, to be exact. It was 20 years ago when I was packing-up after a trade show and looking at a pile of business cards, scraps of paper and address labels given to me by teachers at a convention, thinking about the chore that awaited me back at the office: hand key all the names into ACT, then look each one up, add the hand-written notes, try to remember who wanted what, and when theyʼd be ready to buy… Even at shows where there was a badge scanner I was left with basically the same pile of meaningless contact information — it was just a digital pile instead of a paper one. How many missing or incorrect phone numbers would I find? It was a process I dreaded, and I was fed-up. I was determined to fix this problem.

NewLeads was born that afternoon in the car as I left the show floor that day; I just didnʼt know it yet. I didn’t set out to change the whole world — just mine. So I commissioned a simple program that would allow the reps in my booth to qualify leads on a first generation laptop (it had 2 MB of RAM and a black and white screen) by checking off some qualifiers and taking notes. At the end of the show, the file was complete and it went straight into ACT with all the qualifying information; my problem was mostly solved.  It was kept inside of my company for several years until I decided to give it a name and take it to the potential market.  In 1996, NewLeads debuted at the Exhibitor Show. It was a test, and, within the first two hours, I knew that the demand was so strong that I would start a company the day I got home. And I did; in fact, I hired my first employee, our programmer, before I got to my house. (He lived around the corner). The problem I had with leads was common to every exhibitor, so NewLeads was formed and the rest, as they say, is history. And that, believe it or not, was a revolution.

Fast forward 15 years, and NewLeads is still the leader in trade show lead management solutions. Many competitors have come and gone over the years with their own approaches to the market. Some have been plucky upstarts, some have been backed by significant venture capital. All of them have made us a better company because we continue to invent better solutions to maintain our leadership. But the thing that continues to distinguish NewLeads is our focus. Weʼre not defined by the software or gadgets that we provide but rather by the solutions crafted to meet the business objectives of our clients. We started from a grass roots need, and we are built by grass roots needs–the continually changing requirements of our customers. Addressing those needs is our passion.

And that, too, seems to be a continuing revolution.

With that, I invite you to call me any time, so we can help you fulfill your dream. What is your dream of a better solution? What information can we provide to help you get better results? After 15 years and more than a thousand clients, we can provide expert advice and partner with you to craft a solution that meets your needs.

Wishing you the best of success in trade shows and at home,

— John Hasbrouck, Founder and CEO
Oxnard, California