Custom Universal Lead Capture for trade show exhibitors

Changing lead systems at every show and not getting the results and measurement you need? Partner with NewLeads and use one system at every show globally Use tablets and demo stations, access leads instantly, send e-lit emails and get results!

Watch a 2-minute video to see it work:

Find physician NPI #’s at point of scan

Exhibiting at medical meetings, congresses and trade shows? Comply with the Sunshine Act when you serve lunches, dinners and give anything worth $10 or more. NewLeads NPI match finds the HCP (physician) NPI information instantly so you never get fined for non-compliance.

Locate reps for impromptu meetings

An unexpected visitor comes looking for your rep who is nowhere to be found and the spontaneous meeting is about to be lost. Use our private share text system to locate your reps, no matter what country they are from.  Ask for a free live demo today.

Interactive Touch Screens with Badge Scanning!

Getting great interactions with your touch systems but having no data who used them and for how long? Get a giant NewLeads interactive touch-screen with integrated badge scanning for less than half the cost of your current system.  Get great interaction with custom-branded games, quizzes, maps and more with our software partner and industry leader, OmniVision. Scan badges and capture valuable leads. Finally, interactive that integrates lead capture!

Chinese, German, French, Russian, Arabic

Exhibiting in countries where English is not the native language? Use our new on-page instant language conversion tool to guide your reps and visitors through your sales follow-up requests i ANY language. Gain trust and communicate with your prospects in their own language for deeper engagement and more sales-ready leads.